Energit  allows the deflation of the tire, without any risk of bead , no other   supplementary/ complementary structure is needed  for the wheel rims. 

The advantages are :Weight and money saving and no problem of balancing.


ENERGIT , placed inside the tire, creates two separated areas, allowing two different pressures.

The two separated areas are inflated by two separates valves: the deflation tire valve and the deflation ENERGIT valve.

the deflation tire valve is the original one and it allows the inflation or the deflation.

ENERGIT valve allows  the inflation or the deflation only of the device.

The pressure of the inflation by ENERGIT, which can reach 50 psi (according to the different tire models ) Keeps both the “tire beads” in steady adherence to the rim, also after having deflated the tire.

 The exclusive advantage of energit system is that it, assuring the adherence of  both tire beads, prevents from the internal and external beading.

The conventional mechanic   bead lock system (beadlook) guarants  only the  external bead  block and, in  mud zones, the flanges keep the mud with a consequent loading of the wheel and with  the risk to break the axle shaft .

For example: off- roading on sand, mud, rock, if you want to improve the tire support surface to the ground, keeping the same pressure of ENERGIT, you can deflate the tire without any risk of beading. We advice to not  “stress” the tire by too low pressure, which even if  you don’t risk to bead, you could damage the tire.

ENERGIT system, thanks to its structure is able to tolerate high internal pressure even in presence of low tire pressure,

ENERGIT disposal is composed of a tube reinforced by a composite material ( aramid synthetic fiber) able to tolerate stresses up to 15 times superior to the steal.

The structure around the inner tube is one single seamless frame in the part subjected to stress.



The material which form the “shell” has been realized   to channel the air (both incoming and outgoing) from the original inflating valve to the tire, In this way,  it is possible to avoid the interposition of by pass.





this model is for people who claim the top. It can be inflated up to a pressure of 2,5 atm and work at  a pressure of 0,5 atm,

This model has been tested and verified to an inflating pressure of 5 atm without any damage.

ENERGIT is a registrated trademark patented .It is exclusively projected and made in Italy and it is guaranteed for two years.




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